Steady State Zone 2

 steady state zone 2 Morpheus 

Steady State Zone 2 is the closest Morpheus Method to “Zone 2 cardio.” The only difference is that Morpheus adjusts your heart rate zones each day according to your recovery, instead of adhering to fixed zones.

Since this is a low-intensity method, you can do a higher volume and use it frequently throughout your training week. This will help increase your overall aerobic conditioning and build a strong cardiovascular fitness foundation.

You can also use this method as a warm up or cool down.

Method Summary

Goal: increase aerobic work capacity as a continuation of Steady State Zone 1, while still not accumulating fatigue.

How: stay at the top of the blue zone, typically after a warm up using Steady State Zone 1. Maintain a heart rate at the top of the blue zone for 15-20 minutes to stimulate recovery, or 45-60+ minutes to develop your aerobic system.

Exercises: Unless you’re training for a specific endurance event, you’ll benefit from using a variety of cardiovascular exercises.