Morpheus 30-Day Recovery Challenge

Next challenges starts June 1, 2024

Supercharge your recovery, energize your training, and feel better than ever in just 30 days.

Daily Lessons

Become a recovery expert by learning what your body needs to become more resilient to stress.

Expert Input

Q&A plus tips & strategies with Morpheus experts to help you get the most out of the challenge.

Recovery Leaderboard

See how your recovery stacks up against your friends and challenge competitors as your make progress.

Online Community

Share your experiences & connect with hundreds of your peers as you learn, grow, and see results.

Better Fitness Starts with Better Recovery

More sets. More reps. More weight. More intensity. More training.

That’s how our culture tells us to get in shape and stay healthy.

But the reason this approach is so limiting and ultimately fails is because training is only one piece of the fitness puzzle.

It’s often not even the most important one.

What ultimately limits the results you get from your workouts is usually not the exercises, sets, reps, or weight you lift in the gym.

It’s the other 23 hours in the day when you’re not in the gym.

Getting stronger, fitter, leaner, better conditioned—all the changes you want to see from training—only happen through the process of recovery, which takes place in the hours and days after your workout is over.

That’s why we created the 30-Day Recovery Challenge.

We’ve seen how making relatively simple changes to accelerate recovery can lead to massive differences in results.

So, our goal is to teach you how recovery works, what drives it, and how to eliminate the recovery roadblocks that trip so many people up.

Are you ready to accelerate your recovery and energize your training with us?

Getting started is easy…

How the 30-day recovery challenge works

We'll walk you through the step-by-step process of learning how to recover faster, feel better, and live a healthier life—in just a few minutes each day. Here's how:

Join the challenge

All you need is a Morpheus recovery system to join. Don't have one? Getting started is easy. Get yours here.

Already have Morpheus? Great news! The challenge is free for all Morpheus users. You're ready to start the challenge. Join the challenge within the Morpheus Recovery app.

Earn recovery points

Morpheus awards you points for all your recovery-boosting activities and behaviors.

Learn how to sleep, step, train, and move your way to a healthier, more resilient you—and rack up points along the way!

Learn with daily lessons

We'll teach you our best strategies to jumpstart your recovery and energize your training in clear daily lessons.

Plus, you'll earn additional recovery points for each lesson you finish, so you can learn, recover, and win!

See how you stack up

As you earn recovery points, you'll rank against other challenge competitors.

See where you stand on the recovery Leaderboard to measure your progress throughout the challenge.

Complete the challenge & win!

After 30 days of lessons and daily recovery strategies, you'll be a stress-resilient recovery guru.

You'll feel better than when you started and you'll know how to troubleshoot any future recovery obstacles. That makes you a winner in our book.


Get an inside look at what it means to join the 30-Day Recovery Challenge and start accelerating your recovery, health, and fitness.


Short, practical information on how to transform your recovery each day.


Q & A and expert strategies for using Morpheus to recover faster.


People who love to thrive as much as you do, connected by the recovery challenge.


Friendly support staff ready to help you get the most out of your challenge.


Daily rankings to show you how your recovery stacks up to your peers.


Recovery-boosting workouts to leave you feeling better than when you started.



June 1

The next month-long challenge starts June 1st. Get Morpheus to register within the app before the challenge begins.


30 days

Learn little steps you can take each day that add up to huge improvements in recovery, fitness, and performance.


FREE for Morpheus users

All you need is Morpheus to sign up for the challenge. Don't have Morpheus yet? Order yours below.


All fitness levels

Everyone wins when they prioritize their recovery, regardless of training history or current physcial ability.

The 30-Day Recovery Challenge is FREE for all Morpheus users. If you already have Morpheus, all you have to do is join the challenge inside the Morpheus Recovery app.

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