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Introducing the Morpheus system for smarter heart rate training powered by recovery. Elevate your conditioning, accelerate your recovery, reach your goals faster than ever

The smartest, most effective way to train cardio

The fastest way to improve your cardio isn’t just pushing yourself as hard as you can. It’s by training in your personalized heart rate zones, based on your daily recovery. That’s where Morpheus comes in.

Morpheus helps you measure your daily recovery while integrating lifestyle data from your favorite wearables, and turns this data into zone-based heart rate training recommendations.

Take the guesswork out of how hard you should train to improve your cardio and accelerate your recovery. Just ask Morpheus.

Maximize your recovery

Morpheus uses the gold standard measurment of stress, Heart Rate Variability (HRV), along with key lifestyle data—such as sleep and activity—to help you understand how your behavior impacts your recovery. This allows you to make the smartest changes for the greatest impact on health and performance.

Train at the right intensity

Morpheus creates dynamic heart rate zones that adjust daily to help you accelerate your recovery, elevate your conditioning and avoid overtraining—all based on your unique recovery score and lifestyle data. Get the most out of every workout and cut out the guesswork of how hard to train.

Track your results

Morpheus makes viewing your training, activity, sleep, and recovery metrics easy and clear. So you can quickly visualize whether you're workouts and lifestyle are helping your reach your goals—and determine where you should focus your efforts to see the biggest improvement in health and performance.

Train in your zones with the M7 heart rate monitor

Finally, a heart rate monitor that can keep up with you. The M7 chest strap was designed to give you the most accurate training experience on the market, delivering a level of precision completely untouched by optical wrist sensors.

Accurate ECG sensor

Industry-leading precision and accuracy coupled with sleek style.


Charging base and cable included—no need to change batteries.

10+ hours memory

Train without your phone, then upload your workouts into the app.

Up to 200 hours/charge

Extremely long battery life helps you train uninterrupted.

Bluetooth connectivity

Compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0 devices and cardio machines.

Slim and lightweight

Say no to bulky bands. Our minimalist design won't get in your way.

Smarter cardio powered by faster recovery

Your data tells an important story, let Morpheus tell you what it is. Morpheus uses the M7 band and connects to your favorite wearables to crunch all the numbers and help you connect the dots of stress and recovery.

Learn & Improve with Monthly Challenges

Supercharge your recovery, energize your training, and feel better than ever in just 30 days. The Morpheus Monthly Recovery Challenge will help you learn about stress, training, and recovery strategies along with give you practical strategies to optimize your health and fitness.

Daily Lessons

Become a recovery expert by learning what your body needs to become more resilient to stress.

Expert Input

Q&A plus tips & strategies with Morpheus experts to help you get the most out of the challenge.

Recovery Leaderboard

See how your recovery stacks up against your friends and challenge competitors as your make progress.

Online Community

Share your experiences & connect with hundreds of your peers as you learn, grow, and see results

Practical Strategies

Discover tips you can use right away to boost your recovery and fitness- no fancy equipment needed.

Personalized daily heart rate zones to improve conditioning and recovery

Your body changes from one day to the next, which is why Morpheus generates unique daily heart rate zones based on your recovery. Whether you're hitting the gym or working out at home, dynamic heart rate zones will help you train at the right intensity.

Deliver better results for every client with Morpheus Coach

The Morpheus Coaching Platform gives you daily insights into your clients' recovery, activity, and sleep to help them train smarter inside the gym and recover faster outside the gym. Learn More

Monitor Recovery

Know when to scale back and when to push clients to the limit based on their daily recovery.

See Lifestyle Insights

Understand how life outside the gym affects the ability to train and recover from each session.

Personalize Training

Coach using recommended heart rate zones that adjust daily based on each client's recovery.

Track Progress

See trends in sleep, resting heart rate, HRV, and activity, and to bring results to life.


Real stories from real people using Morpheus to recover, train, improve their health, and supercharge their fitness. Read their experiences in their own words.

I've found Morpheus to be invaluable in monitoring my daily recovery to help regulate my training. The daily HRV test is quick and easy to undertake, and by combining this with the sleep and activity data from my Garmin, it gives me a well-rounded picture to ensure I know which days I can push my training harder and which days I need to incorporate some active recovery, all with custom heart rate zones for optimal recovery, conditioning and overload for that day.

Olly Minshall

I have used a lot of different fitness trackers over the years from Basis peak, to Fitbit and even Whoop. The number one thing I appreciate about Morpheus is the actionable data. Beyond just giving you a recovery score Morpheus tells you exactly how you can apply it by adjusting your heart rate zones.

Patrick Hageman

I've been an almost-daily Morpheus user since October 2019 and couldn't recommend it more for anyone looking to use data to improve their health, fitness, HRV and conditioning. For me, it's easy to track and see improvement in the gym or on the field, where you can add weight, complete another rep, or shave time off a shuttle workout. Morpheus provides valuable live data during training and conditioning, and particularly helps me dial in my heart-rate-based conditioning sessions. 10/10!

Steven W

Morpheus is an incredibly valuable training tool. Highly recommended for anyone looking to improve their conditioning, or simply monitor daily recovery.

Joel Chiarizio

I've been using Morpheus since its been on the market. I've always been someone who watches how I feel and not smash every training session. Morpheus has allowed me to fine tune what I've been doing over the past 20 years. I would not waste money on other expensive HRV watches / arm bands or rings.

Cass Cassy

I love this app. Morpheus takes the guess work, out of training. It's recovery test sets the stage for how you train on any given day. Then while you train it tracks your workout so you know exactly how hard you need to push yourself or if you need to back off some. I highly recommend this app and will be using it for all my fighter's conditioning.

Christopher Beltrante

This tool is essential if you want to optimize your training. I've been using Joel's Bioforce HRV and Morpheus takes things to an entirely new level. This program is easy to set up and use and I cannot recommend it enough. Everyone from fitness enthusiasts to competitive athletes will benefit from the feedback this app provides.

Scott Shetler

I am a 62 year old female with RA, and 2 additional autoimmune disorders. I work out to get stronger so I can maintain a good quality of life. [My trainer] modifies my training to reflect my numbers. I have found that I am not as sore the next day. Prior to Morpheus use, I could wake up feeling great and train hard and feel horrible for days. Now I feel better since workouts are adjusted accordingly.

Pam B

Definitely easy to understand and my fitness and stress management have seen a major improvement since I received the band.

James Williams

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Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see your questions answered here? Click here to reach out to us and we'll be happy to help.

Do I need to wear Morpheus 24/7?

Nope. The Morpheus M7 monitor is only designed to be worn during the daily HRV test and while you train A wide range of other bluetooth 4.0 chest straps and heart rate monitors are compatible with the Morpheus training feature, as well.

If you're a fitness professional, coach, or gym owner, and your clients/members have wearables like an Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, Polar, Oura, etc., then Morpheus can tap into that data to share it with you through the Morpheus Coaching app.

How does Morpheus measure HRV differently than devices like my fitness watch?

The problem with other wearable devices is they measure HRV passively in the background, without your knowledge or control. Research has shown that this method simply doesn't provide accurate recovery data. That's why Morpheus guides you through a recovery test in less than 3 minutes each day using the M7 heart rate monitor. We use the gold-standard of HRV sensors because you deserve data that actually means something.

What if I try Morpheus and decide it's not right for me?

All Morpheus devices are backed by our 30-day guarantee. If Morpheus doesn't help you accelerate your recovery, elevate your conditioning and help you avoid overtraining, simply return it for a no hassle, 100% refund.