Smarter Training Inside the Gym. Faster Recovery Outside the Gym

The Morpheus Coaching Platform gives you daily insights into recovery, activity, and sleep to deliver better results for everyone.


Know when to scale back and when to push clients to the limit based on their daily recovery.


Understand how life outside the gym affects the ability to train and recover from each session.


Coach using recommended heart rate zones that adjust daily based on each client's recovery.


See trends in sleep, resting heart rate, HRV, activity, and to bring results to life.

Smarter training inside the gym. Faster recovery outside the gym

The truth about coaching is that sets, reps, and exercises are only one piece of the fitness puzzle.

Sleep, mental stress, nutrition, activity, and pretty much everything that happens in the 23 hours a day that someone isn’t in the gym plays an absolutely massive role in their health, fitness, and performance.

The problem is that coaches have never been given the tools to connect what happens outside the gym to what needs to happen inside the gym.

People come in the gym, get in a workout, and then they leave.

What happens between the end of one workout and the beginning of the next is a giant black box.

Until now.

For the first time, Morpheus makes it possible to bridge the gap between training and recovery to build training programs in a whole new way…

See Morpheus Coaching in action

Get an inside look at what it means to coach and train using the Morpheus Coaching system—and why it's never been easier to help clients reach their goals.


Build your team

Add staff and clients to your coaching platform to seamlessly create groups, schedule classes, and host live group heart rate training sessions.


Acelerate recovery

View key lifestyle and training insights to identify what's limiting your clients' recovery⁠—and help them break past health & performance plateaus.


Train smarter

Train clients using smart heart rate zones that shift up or down based on their daily recovery, taking the guesswork out of training intensity.


Grow your business

Set yourself apart by delivering a personalized training experience that's second to none and results that speak for themselves.

Train and recovery with with the Morpheus M7 HRM

Getting the most out of Morpheus doesn't require 24/7 monitoring or abandoning your favorite wearable.

The Morpheus M7 band delivers an an accurate HRV score in less than 3 minutes a day. When it's time to train, it also offers 10+ hours of memory, a rechargeable battery, and the highest level of accuracy at all intensities.

Give each of your clients and members the most accurate training and recovery tech on the market today

How does Morpheus Coaching work?

Ready to go behind the scenes and see how it all works? Watch the demo below to learn why coaches love using the Morpheus Coaching Platform to help their clients train and recover.

Detailed Recovery Insights

Dive into sleep, HRV, and other recovery data to pinpoint opportunties for improvement.

Clear Training Trends

Identify patterns in training intensity, duration, and recovery to see if your clients are reaching their goals.

Easy Class Scheduling

Quickly add members to groups, create classes, and assign instructors to easily manage your gym schedule.

Group Heart Rate Training

Help clients train in the right zone with live heart rate classes that are visually fun and engaging from start to finish.

Personalized daily heart rate zones that change with recovery.

Bodies change from one day to the next, which is why Morpheus generates unique daily heart rate zones based on recovery. Whether you're leading a group class or training one-on-one, dynamic heart rate zones will help you train everyone at the right intensity.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers.

Do I need an iPad to use the Morpheus Coaching platform?

At this time, the answer is yes. The Morpheus Coaching app, where you can see and manage all data, run live heart rate classes, and more is currently only available on the iPad. We plan to offer a web-based version down the road as well as allow you to toggle between "Personal" and "Coach" mode on own Morpheus Training phone app. But to get started right now, you will need to have an iPad. And an iPad will always be required to run live group heart rate training classes.

Does everyone I train need the Morpheus devices and app?

People that don't have the Morpheus devices will be able to share their sleep and activity (steps) data because Morpheus is able to pull this from all the most common devices.

If you want to see the complete picture of recovery, including HRV, however, each of the people you train will need their own Morpheus M7 devices. As a Morpheus Coach, you will be able to purchase these from us at a wholesale discount, or send your clients/members to get them from us directly at a discount. Reach out to support@trainwithmorpheus.com for more info on either option.

Does each coach in my gym/facility need their own Morpheus membership?

No. All you need is one gym/facility membership and you can add additional coaches into your account at no additional cost. Each coach can get his/her own login and will be able to create groups, manage clients, and run their own live heart rate classes. Or you can share one master login amongst all coaches at your gym. The coach app does not log you out unless you opt to log out.

Do the Morpheus devices need to be worn 24/7?

Nope. The Morpheus M7 is only designed to be worn during the daily HRV test, which usually takes no more than 3-4 minutes, and during each training session to get the most accurate heart rates. A wide range of other chest straps and heart rate monitors are compatible with Morpheus as well.

If your clients/members have wearables like an Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, Polar, Oura, etc., then Morpheus can tap into some of that data (sleep and steps) to share it with you through the Morpheus Coaching app.

What coaches are saying about Morpheus:

Real stories from real people using Morpheus to coach, train, grow their businesses, and connect with their clients on a new level. Read their experiences in their own words.

If you want to truly provide a more personalized training experience to your clients or athletes, Morpheus offers a huge advantage by providing you with the information you need to open up better communication with your clients. They may SAY they are getting quality sleep but may not be getting the appropriate quantity of sleep. Objective data allows you to open up a meaningful and impactful conversation that eventually leads to better training outcomes.

Heath Herrera

Heath Herrera Fitness

The Morpheus Coaching Platform delivers the tools for a truly holistic approach to coaching. I always asked, "I only have my clients two hours every week. How do I affect the other 166?" It gives us more accountability to our clients outside of the gym without us having to be on our phones 24/7 and constantly emailing back. Most of all, they're more accountable to themselves and that data comes directly back to me.

Vanessa Gonzalez

Longevity Lab

Morpheus is the single best investment that I've ever made in my professional coaching career. It makes the experience for the client that much better, it makes my job that much easier, and it just shows that you care. Clients don't care how much you know until they know how much you care, but I get both.

Glenn Pfluger

RVA Athletes

I have been using morpheus to coach professional boxers, horse jockeys, kayakers and ultramarathon runners since 2015. I highly recommend Morpheus to monitor training and recovery loads, to keep your athletes fresh and to build & sustain high performance.

Ross Eathorne

Ross Eathorne L.I.F.E.

The moment I introduced Morpheus for myself and my clients was the moment things changed for the better! Since showing them how to use Morpheus they have been able to perfectly execute their workouts in and outside of the gym, while becoming conditioning masters! Not only has this helped them improve their game, it has helped create a bigger 'buy in' to the bigger picture. Now that we have implemented Morpheus to our training programs we will never go back!

Trace Birley

Birley Fitness

Tracking your clients' data with the Morpheus platform allows coaches to have all the aspects of coaching we enjoy - the people part, the exercise part, the movement part - but you'll also have the ability to ensure that our clients aren't unknowingly slipping into over-training and you're keeping them in the sweet spot throughout the duration of your program and time working together.

Billy Anderson

Centered Presence Leadership Coaching and Development

We work with some really good hockey teams and the Morpheus platform allows us to implement a comprehensive approach to how we train these athletes better. It's how we make sure that when they need to be pushed, we can push them, and then when we need to drawback, we can adequately drawback. Morpheus allows us to see a better picture of who each athlete is as a biological organism, providing insights on how to manipulate the training based on recovery.

Harry Hussein

Performance Sports Therapy

With the Morpheus Training System, we are able to show our clients not only their daily recovery levels but also give them insight into how their overall lives impact their recovery and performance in the gym and on the mats. It has been a game-changer for our programming and our client's performance.

Cory Duffy

Duffy Performance/Neo BJJ

I love being able to see my readiness score every day as well as the other in-depth metrics that are so easy to read and decipher through the app. It has made my conditioning training much more effective, as my heart rate zones adjust based on my morning readiness score. I am now using the Morpheus system to virtually train my online clients, and they are getting the same benefits that I have for the last few years. It has been an incredible tool for helping them learn and understand the why’s and how’s of training in an actionable approach.

Joel Yakowitz

DexaFit Seattle

Optimize Training.
Accelerate Recovery

Connect all the dots of fitness and recovery and gain insights into lifestyle, recovery, and training. Schedule a call to learn more about how you can put Morpheus to work in your coaching or gym

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