Steady State Zone 1

 steady state zone 1 Morpheus  

Steady State Zone 1 is the lowest intensity method in the Morpheus app, and it’s designed to promote recovery. Since it’s done at such a low-intensity, you can use this method to train on days where you don’t want to accumulate additional fatigue—such as after a strenuous training session or competition.

This method is also extremely effective as a warm up or cool down.

Method Summary

Goal: increase aerobic work capacity without accumulating fatigue

How: stay in the middle of the blue zone. The duration will depend on your goal: a few minutes for a warm up, 15-20 minutes for a recovery session, or 45-60+ minutes to develop your aerobic system.

Exercises: you can use any cardiovascular exercise—from sled pushes to rowing, to biking—so long as you keep your heart rate in the middle of the blue zone.