Tempo Intervals

Morpheus Tempo Intervals
Tempo Intervals are designed to be done at a moderate intensity. This method recruits some of your fast-twitch fibers to help promote blood flow and recovery, making them an excellent choice after a strenuous training day.

The key is to keep the intensity at roughly 70% of your max during the work period. Actively recover during the rest period to bring your heart rate back down.

You can do this method at a higher volume to develop aerobic capacity, or lower volume to promote recovery.

Interval Summary

Goal: Introduce higher intensity work to develop an aerobic foundation while learning to control energy expenditure.

How: Start in the middle of the blue zone, then go 10-15 seconds at 70% of your max speed. Recover back down to the middle of the blue zone as quickly as possible for a 60 second active recovery period. Repeat for a total of 10-20 reps.

Exercises: Any cardiovascular exercise, from pedaling on a stationary bike to field work, is effective for this method.