Green Endurance Intervals

Green Endurance Intervals
Green Endurance Intervals are a step up from the Green Power Intervals, which also trains the explosive alactic energy system.

Since these intervals have a longer work period, they develop alactic capacity, which helps you produce explosive power for as long as possible.

While you focus on maintaining aerobic power, try to also recover as quickly as possible between work periods.

Start with shorter work periods and longer rest periods within the recommended interval ranges, and progress as your fitness improves.


Interval Summary

Goal: Build the ability to produce explosive, alactic energy as long as possible (alactic capacity)

How: Starting from the middle of the blue zone, work for 10-15 seconds at 100% intensity. Lower your heart rate to the top of your blue zone as quickly as possible, allowing 60-90 seconds to actively recover. Repeat for 10-20 reps.

Exercises: Since this is a high-intensity method, it’s beneficial to choose low-impact exercises. This will allow you to sustain a larger volume without placing as much stress on your joints. Examples of low-impact exercises include the rower, ski erg, VersaClimber, Jacob’s Ladder, or bike.