Green Zone Repeats

Morpheus Green Zone Repeats

Green Zone Repeats are similar to Blue Zone Repeats in that you alternate between training at the top of the zone and the bottom of the zone.

You’re just going to be doing that at a slightly higher intensity.

These intervals are focused on building your aerobic system. Your work and rest periods are the same: between 30-60 seconds each. Since this is a higher-intensity method, you won’t need to do many reps to see the benefits to your aerobic fitness.

As your fitness progresses, you can increase the work periods and shorten the rest periods.

Focus on maintaining good form, especially as you fatigue, and actively try to reach the bottom of your green zone during each rest period.

Interval Summary

Goal: Increase the cardiovascular system’s ability to produce energy while developing dynamic energy control at higher intensities. This method is an extension of blue zone repeats that you can use as your fitness improves.

How: Start at the bottom of the green zone and maintain for 30-60 seconds before spending 30-60 seconds at the top of the green zone.

When first getting started, repeat for 3-5 reps and increase over time.

Exercises: Low-impact, total body movements such as ski erg, rowing, biking, etc. are ideal for raising your heart rate while reducing stress on your joints. However, you can also use running or sport-specific drills.