Red Power Intervals

red power intervals Morpheus
Red Power Intervals rely on your lactic energy system for energy production, which results in a high level of fatigue.

Start with 20-30 seconds at 100% intensity, with the goal of generating as much power as possible. Since this is such a high intensity method, you’ll need a longer rest period to bring your heart rate back down before starting the next interval.

You don’t need to do many reps to build your lactic power—start with just 2-4. But focus on maintaining good technique and going at 100% intensity during each of those reps.

Interval Summary

Goal: Develop the lactic system’s ability to generate maximum power.

How: Start from the middle of your blue zone. Work for 20-30 seconds at 100% intensity, then actively rest for 2-3 minutes back to the middle of your blue zone. Repeat for 2-4 reps.

Exercises: Choose a low-impact total-body, cyclic exercise such as biking, rowing, VersaClimbing, etc., or use a sport-specific exercise if you’re training for an event.