Mike Roberton in Episode 4 of Morpheus Radio


We welcome Mike Robertson to this episode of Morpheus Radio to talk about:

  • Finding information you can trust and distilling it down to our own set of coaching principles (ref: Mel Siff, Lee Taft, Charles Poliquin)
  • How Joel and Mike went from novice coaches to having numerous published books and lucrative coaching certifications
  • The importance of correct breath work to achieve better results and increased performance for your clients
  • How one of the critical keys to coaching success is setting expectations upfront and delivering the results your promised
  • How the incorporation of fitness data will soon become the “new norm” and it’s role in redefining the fitness profession

About Mike Robertson:

Mike Robertson is one of the most highly sought-after coaches, consultants, speakers, and writers in the fitness industry today.

Known for his “no-nonsense” approach to training and brutal efficiency, Mike has made a name for himself as a go-to resource for professional athletes from every major sport.

Mike is the President of Robertson Training Systems and the co-owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training (IFAST) in Indianapolis, Indiana. IFAST has been named one of the Top 10 Gyms in America by Men’s Health magazine three times in the past six years.

Mike currently coaches a handful of professional athletes during their off-season, and is the physical preparation coach for the Indy Eleven professional soccer team.

You can learn more about Mike’s best coaching and training strategies here:

In this episode of Morpheus Radio:

  • 5:00 – Mike & Joel discuss the modern digital bombardment of information thrown at coaches and how to diffuse the noise and distill it down to solid coaching systems
  • 7:55 – Mike explains how coaches can dive deep into one expert’s work within a specific topic (i.e. Joel Jamieson’s conditioning principles) and then apply it over his/her career as a filter for new principles and education
  • 8:36 – Mike references Lee Taft’s work as solid principles in speed & agility
  • 9:13 – Joel discusses the “old days” when he was learning from Mel Siff’s “SuperTraining” online community and compares it to the current state of things where anyone with a social media account can post coaching content
  • 11:23 – Joel & Mike discuss the importance of absorbing information with the intention of understanding the “why” – referencing Charles Poliquin’s work
  • 12:53 – Mike shares his initial start of his certification creation process and overcoming the “imposter syndrome” that comes with it
  • 15:23 – Joel reflects on his first book “Ultimate MMA Conditioning” back in 2009 and the uncertainty he had as well as the unexpected success
  • 18:54 – Mike discusses how he identified breath work as a tremendously powerful piece of the puzzle of delivering client results and subsequently educating the industry on its importance and application
  • 23:53 – Joel outlines his introduction to correct breathing application through a personal shoulder injury and how it go to his applications
  • 27:18 – Mike informs the audience how the average person can start to incorporate breath work into their training and some educational references:
  • 29:27 – Joel and Mike detail how breathing can influence the autonomic system and those implications for better performance and recovery
  • 32:07 – How the availability and access to coaching data is making classic principles objective in their applications as well as displacing biases for clients AND coaches
  • 37:05 – The importance of setting expectations upfront with clients regarding the length and detail of the process and not making promises you can’t keep
  • 39:57 – the conversation takes its final turn to the topic of coaching data – it’s promise and utilization for both coaches and clients
Chris Duffin on resilience and recovery



Chris Duffin is arguably one of the strongest pound-for-pound humans in the world. He’s the ONLY person who has squatted and deadlifted over 1000lbs for reps and he holds the Guinness World Record on the Sumo Deadlift.

He’s also an inventor and entrepreneur, co-founding Kabuki Strength, Bearfoot Athletics, and Buildfast Formula. Chris details his incredible story of trauma and resilience in his bestselling book, “The Eagle and the Dragon: A Story of Strength and Reinvention.”

Listen in as Chris shares his strategies for recovery and resilience that help him stay healthy while performing at a world-class level.

In this episode of Morpheus Radio:

  • 1:30 – Chris recounts his life as an athlete, world record holder, and owner of Kabuki Strength, Bearfoot Athletics, and Buildfast Formula
  • 3:05 – Chris provides a short version of the challenges he’s faced as it’s laid out in his best selling book, “The Eagle and the Dragon: A Story of Strength and Reinvention
  • 4:35 – Chris explains his admiration and application of Japanese Philosophy as well as the importance of stress and trauma when building mental and physical resilience
  • 7:07 – Chris shares what it’s like to prepare for a world record lifts (1000lbs deadlift and 1000lbs squat) over a 5 year process
  • 10:25 – Chris talks about the essentials of recovery when training at a world class level
  • 14:21 – Chris recommends pre workout protocol and his nitrate blend, Vasoblitz
  • 17:19 – Chris shares his sleep protocols and tools: Morpheus HRV, Oura, cooling mattress, dark curtains, heavy blankets etc. – he sleeps 9.5-10 hours per day
  • 18:41 – Chris reflects on how he only squatted one session per week, but the remainder of the time was spent purely on recovery
  • 20:31 – Chris explains how he applies HRV and bar speed data to dictate training loads and intensities
  • 21:45 – Chris dives into how he prepares his mind and soul for training and performance
  • 23:40 – How mental preparation is really emotional state management and recovery from the emotional intensities required to perform at the highest level
  • 26:00 – Chris explains how he’s transitioned from training for optimal human performance to longevity and health, as well as his plans to change the face of fitness and healthcare
  • 29:31 – Chris lays out his new training protocols consisting of just 35-45min workouts
  • 31:20 – Chris explains his flywheel training system
  • 33:45 – Chris plugs his wife’s chef career and her instagram for more insights into his nutrition
  • 36:33 – Joel and Chris details the soft-tissue tools that they recommend and use frequently
  • 43:25 – Chris explains his “Go Find Your Problems” approach to recovery and mobility
  • 46:49 – Joel and Chris give advice for up and coming coaches who want to implement better and more advanced recovery protocols

You can follow Chris Duffin using the links below:

episode 2 with Kelly Starrett


Dr. Kelly Starrett is the co-author of the New York Times bestsellers “Becoming a Supple Leopard,” “Ready to Run,” and the Wall Street Journal bestseller, “Deskbound.” He consults with athletes and coaches from the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB, the US Olympic Team, and Crossfit, works with elite military forces, and consults with corporations on employee health and wellbeing.

He believes that everyone should know how to move and be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves.

Listen in as Kelly shares his experiences helping both elite athletes and general population clients own their fitness process. His unique methods help people better care for themselves in competition and in life.

In This Episode of Morpheus Radio:

  • 1:12 – The importance of “not being a jerk” in the fitness industry
  • 2:39 – Kelly discusses his journey as a coach
  • 4:01 – How Kelly frames coaching work as forming a hypothesis, understanding the inputs and outputs, and recognizing the differences between strategy and tactics
  • 6:17 – Joel reflects on how discovering HRV as a tool changed his coaching trajectory
  • 8:18 – The importance of fundamentals and how very few coaches have truly mastered them
  • 10:38 – Working with professional athletes and special warfare populations – NFL, spec ops, NHL
  • 12:34 – How to help athletes reinforce positive behavior
  • 14:55 – The differences between strength and athleticism and understanding deeply WHY we are training
  • 17:40 – The challenge of quantifying results for the general population versus performance athletes
  • 21:18 – Helping people own their fitness process
  • 25:15 – EC Synkowski’s 800 Gram Challenge – https://optimizemenutrition.com/
  • 27:00 – How to improve sleep and recovery behaviors by controlling the environment
  • 29:00 – Kelly & Joel offer advice to younger coaches coming up in the industry
  • 34:30 – Why transparency and authenticity is critical for advancement as a coach
  • 38:10 – The importance of being a generalist as a coach, and a book referral: https://davidepstein.com/the-range/
  • 40:00 – How Big Tech is changing the coaching profession: Apple, Mirror, Google, etc.
  • 42:30 – Kelly gives an update on what he’s currently up to – Ready State App and the most comprehensive movement assessment available, new course: “Training The Injured Athlete”; new book: “Built To Move”
Eric Cressey on episode 1 of Morpheus Radio

Eric Cressey is president and co-founder of Cressey Sports Performance, with facilities located in Hudson, MA and Palm Beach Gardens, FL. A highly sought-after coach for healthy and injured athletes alike, Eric has helped athletes at all levels—from youth sports to the professional and Olympic ranks—achieve their highest levels of performance.

Behind Eric’s expertise, Cressey Sports Performance has rapidly established itself as a go-to high-performance facility among Boston athletes—and those that come from across the country and abroad to experience CSP’s cutting-edge methods. Eric is perhaps best known for his extensive work with baseball players, with more than 100 professional players traveling to train with him each off-season. In January of 2020, he joined the New York Yankees organization as Director of Player Health and Performance.

Eric’s ability to bridge the gap between science and application has produced some of the world’s most cutting-edge information on human performance. Today, we’re going to cover the idea that there are no boundaries to what you can do, and Eric is going to show you how you can push your limits like never before.

In This Episode of Morpheus Radio:

    • 2:00 – Eric gives a brief, but details outline of his vast experience as a coach, founder of Cressey Sports Performance, current role with the New York Yankees, father and husband


    • 4:27 – Eric & Joel discuss the evolution of high-level athletes being bigger, stronger, faster and dramatic changes in the demands of a professional sports season


    • 11:37 – Eric & Joel lay out the concept of “survivorship bias” in athlete development and for how every success story there are 100’s of ones that didn’t make


    • 13:11 – Eric & Joel explain how the advancement of sport-specific strength & conditioning is a major factor in the advancement of human performance and the technology that drives it


    • 18:41 – Joel poses the question of how recovery science is keeping pace with the advancements in training


    • 26:45 – Eric outlines the details of a grueling Major League Baseball season for athletes as well as coaches and trainers. Wow


    • 33:35 – Joels poses the question of what Eric uses to identify athletes that are innately durable and trainable


    • 35:21 – Eric details the technology stack used by Cressey Performance and the Yankees in managing their athletes


    • 43:25 – Eric & Joel offer advice for up and coming S&C coaches on where to get their education and attain success in their chosen sports




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