Red Max Intervals

Morpheus Red Max Intervals
Red Max Intervals are the highest intensity method in the Morpheus App. Your aim is to drive your heart rate up to the maximum, which usually takes around 60-90 seconds at 100% intensity.

Make sure to choose a total-body exercise, since you’ll need to recruit as many working muscles as possible to push your heart rate up. Due to the high-stress nature of this method, you’ll want to reserve it until you’ve established a solid fitness foundation.

The rest period is longer for this method because it is done at such a high intensity. It will likely take a few minutes for your heart rate to drop back down into the blue zone before you’re ready to repeat the interval.

Focus on maintaining good technique, especially as you fatigue. And don’t forget to warm up!

Interval Summary

Goal: Develop your body’s maximum capacity to deliver oxygen by reaching your max heart rate.

How: Thoroughly warm up and start from the middle of your blue zone. Go for 60-90 seconds at 100% max intensity while still maintaining good technique. Repeat for 2-4 reps.

Exercises: Your ability to reach max heart rate depends on your body position. To reach your true max heart rate, choose a total-body exercise in an upright position, such as sprinting. While you can use a seated exercise for this method, such as rowing or biking, it will be much more difficult to reach your true max heart rate.