Training with the M5

Although the M5 was primarily designed to measure HRV, it can also be used with the M7 during your workouts.

This gives you the ability to see your live heart rate and zones even when you’re training without the Morpheus mobile app. That means it’s easy and convenient to use Morpheus during any type of training.

Using the M5 with the M7

To pair the M7 to the M5, put the M5 on and navigate to TRAIN by tapping on the screen and then pressing the side button to choose this mode.

Note: because the M5 is receiving heart rate from the M7, you can wear it wherever you feel is the most comfortable.

Once you’ve selected TRAIN, the M5 will give you the option to choose between using its own sensors (M5) or an ANT+ Device (M7 or other compatible HRM).

Tap the screen to select “ANT+ Device” and then press the side button to confirm.

The M5 will then search for available ANT+ HRM devices. Once it finds the M7, you will see the M7 5-digit ID number displayed.

When the M5 finds the M7 (or other compatible HRM), it will return an ID# highlighted in white on the screen. Press the side button to confirm.

After you have confirmed your M7, you will see your heart rate displayed on the M5. This means you’re ready to train!

Note that when you’re training with the M5 and M7, both devices will record your workout in their memory. To avoid duplicating workouts in the Morpheus app, you should only sync the workout from the M7 directly.

FAQ & Troubleshooting

Q: Can I train with the M5 without connecting it to the M7?

Yes, the M5 can be used by itself during a workout, but in order to ensure the highest accuracy, it should only be used with low-to-moderate intensity workouts.

This is because all optical sensors, like the ones used in the M5 and all wrist and arm-based devices, become less accurate at higher heart rates and movement speeds.

For any type of training that includes high intensities and rapid movements, it’s recommended to use the M7 together with the M5 or by itself.

Q: Can I connect other chest straps to the M5 to workout?

Yes, the M5 can connect to any ANT+ chest strap and display heart rate. Use the same process to pair to a different device.

Because the M5 will record all workouts, you can sync any workout done with other chest straps using the process described in the last lesson.

Q: Why isn’t the M7 ID showing up on the M5?

If you’re not seeing the M7 ID when you search for ANT+ devices, make sure that you’re wearing the M7 so that it’s turned on and reading heart rate.

The M7 will beep three times when it turns on and the LED light will blink blue when it’s reading HR. As long as it’s on and reading heart rate, it will show up in the M5.