Introducing The GRID

The world's first personalized group training platform for fitness professionals.
Deliver better results. Stay on the cutting-edge of fitness. Build your coaching business.

The GRID, powered by Morpheus, is the first and only way to deliver truly personalized fitness at scale. Deliver a better training experience, help people connect the dots between lifestyle and training and build your coaching business.

  • New GRID mobile app. The brand new GRID app for Android and iOS phones puts the power of personalized fitness in the palm of your hand. View and manage all the Morpheus data from everyone you train from the palm of your hand and deliver better results than ever.
  • New iPad Group Fitness app. One of the biggest challenges in fitness has always been how to deliver personalized fitness even when training large groups. Finally, the new GRID Group Fitness app gives you the ability to let each person train in their own zones and get the most out of every single workout. True personalization at scale.
  • Compatible with Morpheus M3 and M5. The GRID is designed to work with both the new Morpheus M5 band and the M3 chest strap. People will be able to use the M5 for the recovery test and for training, or add the M3 for a greater level of accuracy. This versatility offers maximum convenience, accuracy and affordability. 
  • Morpheus partnership program. Add a new stream of revenue and build your coaching business with the new Morpheus Partnership Program. Every coach that subscribes to The GRID will be eligible to join our new affiliate program, or become a Certified Morpheus Reseller.  Deliver better results AND make more money with The GRID.
  • Comprehensive training course. Access to The GRID will also include an extensive video training course designed to teach you how to build recovery-driven training programs. Learn the most effective strategies to optimize training, nutrition, sleep, and more, to maximize results and stay on the cutting-edge of fitness.

Questions & Answers

Does everyone I train need to have Morpheus for this to work?

Yes, to get the most out of the GRID, each person will need to have his or her own M5 to take a daily recovery measurement with. The M3 chest strap is optional and can be used to improve accuracy during high-intensity training.

To build your GRID and get everyone using the M5, you'll be able to add a new revenue stream to your business with the new Morpheus Partnership Program. This program will give you a commission for each Morpheus sale, or let you order Morpheus devices directly from us at wholesale pricing.

By connecting the people you train into your GRID, you'll not only deliver better results, you'll add to your bottom line and build your coaching business.

How exactly does The GRID work?

The way The GRID works is simple. Everyone that joins your GRID will use their M5 band to measure their recovery each day. You'll then be able to see all their lifestyle data, including sleep, HRV, activity, training and more, to help deliver more personalized training programs and improved accountability.

With the group fitness app, you'll be able to take your group training to the next level. The iPad app will display live heart rates and colored zones for an entire group. Up to 40 people at once can be plugged into a GRID training session. Connect an iPad to a big screen TV or projector for the ultimate group training experience.

When will The GRID be available?

Right now we plan to release the all new GRID mobile app in the fall of 2020.  More details and exact launch dates will be coming soon.

We'll only be opening The GRID to a limited number of coaches when it launches. To get in the front of the line and stay up to date, make sure to join the early notification list.

How much will The GRID cost?

Exact pricing for The GRID is not yet available, but it's planned to start at less than $100 per month. With the new Partnership program, the GRID will more than pay for itself if you add just a few people into your GRID each month.

The GRID was designed to help you build your business and add new revenue, not just another expense.