The First Fitness Technology Guaranteed to Accelerate Your Recovery and Make You More Fit

You give 100% in the gym. So why are you only getting 50% of the results?

Meet Morpheus, the missing half of the fitness equation. Morpheus was designed to help shift your body into the recovery zone, improve your conditioning, and accelerate your results.



How Your Own Digital Recovery Coach Can Help You

Your data tells an important story, let Morpheus tell you what it is. Morpheus uses the recovery band and connects to your favorite wearables to crunch all the numbers and help you connect the dots.

Find Your Zone: Personalized Heart Rate Training

Get the most out of every workout. Dynamic heart rate zones adjust daily to help you accelerate your recovery, elevate your conditioning and avoid overtraining. 

Accelerate your recovery

High-intensity training and stress are what breaks your body down, but you need recovery to build it back up and make it bigger, stronger, faster and in better shape than ever. Add a whole new type of training into your program: Rebound Training.

Based on your recovery level each day, Morpheus gives you a targeted blue zone to train in. Get in your blue zone for as little as 20 minutes and it’ll help push your body into the recovery state and accelerate your recovery, and your fitness to a whole new level.

Elevate your conditioning

For the first time, training to improve conditioning is as simple as it gets. No more confusion about what heart rates to train at, which zone you should be in, or what types of intervals are best. Morpheus takes the guesswork out of your conditioning.

All you have to do is design your workouts to keep you in the green zone and you can watch your conditioning steadily increase.  Training in the green zone adds a whole new dimension to your training and makes it easier than ever to elevate your conditioning in record time.

Avoid overtraining

One of the most common challenges people face when trying to improve their fitness is knowing where their true limits are. Competition is in our DNA and the intensity-driven mindset has made it more popular than ever to push ourselves to the brink of exhaustion in every workout.

Finding the right balance between training, stress and recovery and the red zone is a key part of avoiding overtraining and the problems that come with it. The Morpheus red zone, known as the overload zone, was designed to give you a clear picture of where your limits are each day to help you make sure you don’t push past them

Turbocharge Your Favorite Wearables

Morpheus is the world's only open recovery platform. Designed to integrate with a wide range of devices, Morpheus gives new life to your favorite trackers.

Track your data your way

The system includes the Morpheus recovery band that can measure your recovery in less than 3 minutes a day. The band is designed to be worn on the arm or leg, and also doubles as a heart rate monitor to use during your training.

If you already have a wearable, Morpheus can bring new life into it. Simply connect it to Morpheus to incorporate activity, sleep and additional training metrics to your recovery score. You can decide which devices you want to use and what data you want to track.

No more being locked into a single device, no more wearing a device 24/7 if you don't want to, no more scrolling through pages of data trying to figure out what it means. Morpheus will use the recovery band along with as much, or as little, additional data as you want to track and calculate your daily recovery score.

Note: Morpheus is designed work with a variety of wearables, but these are optional and are NOT required for Morpheus to work.

Everything you need to jumpstart your recovery

A complete recovery system to help you balance your training and get the most out of your hard work. 

Here's what you get when you order Morpheus:

  • New Morpheus M5 band. Measures recovery in less than three minutes a day and can be used as a heart rate monitor during your workouts. Designed to be worn on the forearm, the M5 comes with an interchangeable nylon strap that's easy to adjust for maximum comfort.
  • Morpheus app for iOS or Android. Instantly download the Morpheus app from and install it in seconds. 
  • Life time support and on-going education. With Morpheus, any help you need is just an email, Facebook group post or phone call away. We're here 24/7 to answer your questions and help you put Morpheus to work for you.

Order Your Morpheus Band Today and Save

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Stop putting in 100% in the gym only to get 50% of the results. Get Morpheus and put his digital brain to work for you.

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  • New OLED Touch Screen with HR display
  • Compatible with all ANT+ Chest straps
  • 10+ hours of internal memory to save your workout data
  • New adjustable nylon woven strap
  • Magnetic charging port



Try Morpheus Risk-Free

Order Morpheus today and get 30 days to try him out once you receive your recovery band.  If Morpheus doesn't help you accelerate your recovery, elevate your conditioning and help you avoid overtraining, simply return him for a no hassle, no questions asked, full 100% refund.