Introducing the M3 Heart Rate Monitor

The first and only heart rate monitor specifically designed to work with Morpheus. The M3 helps you get the most out of your training AND your recovery

A complete heart rate monitor

Unlike most heart rate monitors on the market today, the M3 is compatible across virtually ALL devices and was built to include every feature you need to get more out of your workout:

  • Compatible with ALL Bluetooth, ANT+ and 5 kHz devices and apps. The M3 is one of the only monitors available today that's capable of transmitting heart rate data using all three modes: Bluetooth, ANT+ and 5.3 kHz at the same time. This means the M3 will work with virtually any heart rate monitoring device or app.
  • 13 hours of memory that can be uploaded directly to Morpheus. With the M3, you'll be able to train without your phone and still track your workout data and its impact on your recovery.  The M3 will store up to 13 hours of workout data and upload it directly into Morpheus with the press of a button.
  • Extended range up to 30ft for a better connection. The M3 can transmit via Bluetooth or ANT+ up to 30ft so you'll never have to worry about losing connection again. 
  • Unique ID to eliminate confusion. Each M3 band comes with a unique ID number to make it easier than ever to make sure you're connecting to the right monitor and not someone else's.

M3 Questions & Answers

Will the M3 work with my Garmin/Polar/Suunto watch or other device?

Yes, absolutely! Because the M3 is capable of sending HR in Bluetooth, ANT+ and 5 kHZ at the same time, it will work with virtually all heart rate monitoring devices and apps out there including Garmin, Suunto and Polar. The M3 will also read with standard gym equipment, so it's the only heart rate monitor you'll ever need no matter which hardware or app you want to use.

How does the memory function work with Morpheus?

The M3 automatically records up to 13 hours of heart rate data and stores it within its internal memory. When you're ready to upload it to Morpheus, simply connect it to the mobile app and select the workouts you want to import and that's it. This makes it possible for the first time to train without your phone, but never miss a beat!

Can I use the M3 to take my Morpheus recovery measurement?

No, the M3 is designed to be used during training, not the recovery test. You will still need to use the Morpheus recovery band to get your daily recovery score. The M3 does transmit HRV data, however, and can be used to track HRV with other apps.

What's the difference between the M3 and the Polar H10 or Wahoo TICKR?

The biggest difference is that the M3 is able to transmit HR data in all 3 modes: Bluetooth, ANT+ and 5 kHz  instead of only 2 of those modes. This makes compatible with more devices. It also has internal memory that's specifically designed for Morpheus, so it's the only heart rate monitor that will let you directly important your workout data into Morpheus to help track your recovery.

Does the M3 work with other mobile apps besides Morpheus?

Yes! The M3 will work with any mobile app that tracks heart rate.  It will connect via Bluetooth the same as any other heart rate monitor. The internal memory storage, however, only works with Morpheus.

Can I use the M3 in a group fitness class?

Yes, because the M3 can transmit in ANT+ and has a unique ID number, it can be used in most group training environments.

How accurate is the M3?

The M3 uses ECG to measure heart rate and is as accurate as any monitor out there. The internal memory also means that if you lose connection with your device for any reason, the M3 is still recording accurate heart rate data.

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  • Compatible with all Bluetooth, ANT+ and 5 kHz devices
  • Stores up to 13 hours of workout data
  • No recharging. Lasts 10 months+ on a single battery
  • Highly-accurate transmission range up to 30ft
  • Water resistant



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